Jesus is the Head of the Church at Blue Rock. And, His Word (The Bible) is our guide and final authority in all matters. So, our leadership structure at Blue Rock Church consists of a Board of Elders that oversee the five basic areas of the church as outlined in God’s Word. Those areas are: Worship, Ministry, Fellowship, Discipleship and Evangelism. Team leaders are in charge of carrying out the vision that has been set by God through His Blue Rock Church Elders. We are in a transition period right now. So, we have brought two transition advisors on to help us (Marvin Shubert & Doug Hinkle). And, we are praying for God to raise up new leaders and give us discernment in any need for change to our leadership structure.


  • Pastor Greg Helman is the Head Elder in charge of overseeing Worship.
  • Dirk Goertz is the Elder in charge of overseeing Ministry.
  • Fellowship Elder is vacant temporarily.
  • Pastor Greg Helman is temporarily the elder in charge of overseeing discipleship.
  • Evangelism elder is vacant temporarily.
  • Sherry Goertz is the Worship Team Leader.
  • Jim Bakner is the Property Team Leader under the Ministry Team.
  • Duane Barnes is the Finance Team Leader under the Ministry Team.
  • Fellowship Team Leader is vacant temporarily.
  • Pam Hinkle is the Discipleship Team Leader.
  • Joe Monn is the Evangelism Team Leader