Hello Friend,

I’d like to introduce you to the family at Blue Rock Church through this webpage. We have been working hard since I began here in May of 2008 to create an environment that would build strong relationships with Jesus, family, community and the world. Hopefully, you will be inspired to become a part of what God is doing through His church at Blue Rock. Please feel free to come as you are and expect that you will leave as you’ve never been because of your experience with Jesus and His church family at Blue Rock.

Furthermore, we are intent on helping you to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus. So, we will walk with you on your journey of faith and provide encouragement all along the way. There is something for you whether you are single or married, with or without children. Together we can achieve so much more in this world than we could ever do by ourselves. Therefore, we like to connect people with a small group of people for mutual encouragement and accountability. And, I will strive to preach and model the life Jesus intends for all of us.

Thank You,

Greg Helman

Pastor, Blue Rock Church